The Surgical Smoke Coalition publishes its policy overview report ‘Surgical smoke – An underestimated health hazard’

Brussels, June 2022 – The Surgical Smoke Coalition, a pan-European movement created to raise awareness of the risks associated with surgical smoke, is delighted to announce the publication of its policy overview report ‘Surgical smoke – An underestimated health hazard’.

The report, a first of its kind, raises awareness of surgical smoke, and highlights its impact as an occupational hazard which critically needs to be addressed to guarantee the safety of all operating room staff and patients.

“On behalf of the Coalition, we hope this report will contribute to a better understanding of the risks associated with surgical smoke both amongst healthcare professionals and amongst those who make the decisions to ensure their safety. Our objective is for all healthcare professionals working in operation theatres to be able to work safely, and for operating rooms, to be smoke free across Europe.  We will continue our efforts to ensure concrete actions are taken at both European and national level”, said May Karam, Chair of the Surgical Smoke Coalition and Member of the European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA).

The policy report provides a high-level overview of the issue of surgical smoke, evidenced by the latest clinical studies, as well as the risks it exposes healthcare professionals to. It also outlines existing practices as well as new measures needed at both EU and national levels to protect the occupational health and safety of healthcare professionals. Namely, the report calls for a series of actions to be taken by policymakers, regulators, hospital leaders and healthcare professionals’ associations.

Surgical smoke emerges as very real hazard to the safety of healthcare professionals and patients and the Surgical Smoke Coalition highlights its commitment to work with all stakeholders to develop appropriate safeguarding measures, ensure that healthcare professionals and operating rooms have the right evacuation equipment and facilitate better education and training of healthcare professionals.

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You can download and read the full report in English below.

You can also find translated versions of the report in French, Spanish and Italian bellow.